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King and Castle

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The King and Castle Windsor Weatherspoon pub has a prime view from the corner Windsor Castle, popular with locals and tourists alike.   The King and Castle also has an extensive breakfast lunch and dinner menu, don’t forget to quench your thirst with one of many local ciders and traditional ales available.

In terms decor the King and Caste Windsor is a fusion of modern and classic styles, with  white, red, blue and cream walls, and Chandeliers, and ornate silver and crystal wall lamps with shade.   Dark stained wood, with an old English pubs character.
Tv in mirror frame.

We went upstairs  on a Wednesday afternoon, and found a nice window table with a view down both sides of the Castle.  The venue was probably at about 30% capacity, so not that busy.

We then went back downstairs to order beers and a wetherspoon sharer platter consisting of spicy British chicken wings, spicy coated king prawns, southern fried style chicken strips, beer-battered onion rings, chips and dips. It came to £12.85.
On the way up i picked up some condiments conveniently provided on the left upstairs.  The platter arrived after 10 minutes.  The waiter then asked after a few minutes if everything was okay, to which we responded with a resounding yes :)
The platter was enough for 4 people.

The attentive staff of the King and Castle Windsor will go to every measure to ensure customers are happy.

Air conditioned

Wifi available

All prices correct at time of publishing

King and Castle Windsor 1st floor window view

King and Castle Windsor 1st floor window view

King and Castle Windsor Platter

King and Castle Windsor Platter

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  1. Mrs.R.Bunce says:

    I have eaten twice in this restaurant and both times had to complain (unlike any of the other Weatherspoon restaurants)
    I ate here on Monday the 2nd I was ordering at the counter,a very irate man came up and slammed two plates with burger and chips on each (miserly serving of chips)and said this meal is stone cold!! I ordered two plates of Natcho’s as it was Mexican night,they could have been put together by a child,dry untoasted c
    tortilla chips,with 2 dollops of guacamole,and three dollops of tasteless tomato paste and a dollop of what I took to be soft white cheese,also tasteless!! The whole mess was covered in sliced awful bitter tasting green chillies! We complained to the waiter that there was no melted cheese on any of it and the tortilla chips were just piled on top of eachother dry and stale tasting! The waiter took the plates down to the kitchen,when he returned we had to look hard for the melted cheese that had supposedly been added,nothing,they were exactly the same. We then called over the manager who said he would sort it out,once again our plates were taken to the kitchen,if there had been any change made,I would not be writing this letter,but they were as awful as before.We were going to the theatre in Windsor and had no time to order anything else.Totally disappointed in this restaurant,slap-dash and uninterested in the meals or the customers!

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